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Semantics of Prayers, Spells or Affirmations

by Leer

In some cases spells, prayers or affirmations are semantics. Some people don't like the work SPELL (sounds evil).

However, a spell or prayer asks the Universe, God, Goddess, or Gods, or gods to help affect your needs. An affirmation is an internal pep-talk which says "I must get my sales up by 30% by May 1." Other than that, I prefer to say spell.

Anyone can write a spell. If a bit of poetry is meaningful, a person can and should incorporate it in asking the Universe for help. And people do improvise in spells, so if they want to put a photo of Donald Trump near the candle to envision Wealth, that's always a good idea.

NEVER write one that would harm another: as yea shall seek yea shall reap!

This collection of writings are based upon the teachings of my family, the Clan Gordon of Glasgow, Scotland. From the time of my Great-Granny, our family worked with Spirit Guides, candles, soaps, herbs, and similar ancient arts. We have inherited the "Second Sight," the ability to see the future as well as the knowledge to direct people toward personal health. My Granny, Daisy knew the Tarot and Astrology, and she taught my Mum to read the Tea Leaves. Keeping up with this tradition, my Granny taught me the Astrology, Tarot, Auras, and more. And so I have written these things for people to use. Daisy told me I had the Second Sight and that she would be with me always, as my Guide for Channeling. Now I present these writings to all who may benefit from them. They are mine and they are yours, so use them well and prosper.

Many blessings upon you,



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