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Jacqueline Marcell

Author, publisher and national speaker, who after her amazing caregiving experience with her elderly parents, has dedicated her life to eldercare awareness and reform. The former professional photographer, college professor and television executive, gave up her life for nearly a year to care for her parents, fighting through an unsympathetic medical system and enduring her father's intermittent rages before finally solving the endless crisis. The result is her riveting new book, Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please! How To Survive Caring For Aging Parents, written she says, "so that no one else would ever have to go through what I did." She is a frequent guest on talk radio & television, and on the lecture circuit. She has appeared on CNN, NBC and "Iyanla," and was the cover story of AARP's Bulletin, which with a circulation of 22 million has put Elder Rage on the fast track to becoming a bestseller, considering that 25 million Americans struggle to provide care for aging family members. 


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