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June Marshall

NewMedia Publishing author and partner, was born in Brazil and moved to the United States as a child. She earned a Masters in English Literature and honed her writing talent to become an author in her own right.

She was a speechwriter and public speaker at AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 13 years. While there, she also specialized in Human Factors and Systems Usability Engineering, becoming a Subject Matter Expert in the field. In addition, she designed, developed, and managed AT&T intranet web sites, pioneering the use of Internet technologies at the company.

June is a world-traveler and has lived in Belgium and India. Her familiarity with diverse cultures of the world flavors her unique outlook and philosophy. It has also greatly deepened her understanding of human nature.

This book is the first of three in a series dealing with human relationships. The other ones: The Second Marshall Plan: Making the World Safe for Love and Happiness and The Dirty Seven Sisters: Men Beware! are planned for release in 2002 and 2003. They present her approach to some of life's most important issues: The search for meaning, the need for love, and social structures that impede what they purport to achieve.


This guide represents many years of real life experience by the author and numerous friends in observing, dating, being friends with, and marrying men. As a result of hundreds of encounters, mixed with observations from even more workplace and social acquaintances, a definite pattern emerges: The Dirty Seven.

Who are these men? Why are they impossible mates? The author tells in detail what makes these "creatures" poor mates, as well as what makes men good mates. She warns you to pass them by. They share a fatal flaw: "Me-ism," that makes them dead ends. As she puts it so succinctly:

"You will waste a lot of time kissing Dirty Seven frogs but they never turn into princes. They have an underlying problem that runs like a river through all their types: A special kind of selfishness that makes them incapable of giving your needs fair play."

Seven Types of Men to Avoid if You Are Looking for a Mate

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