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Lillian Monterrey

An international motivational speaker for over 20 years. Through her seminars and workshops, she has empowered thousands of people to understand, connect with and follow their instincts to ultimately create the life they really want.

Having faced death several times as a result of an eating disorder, Lillian Monterrey spent years soul searching for answers. Once she understood her instincts, she found the answers to all of her life' difficulties, resulting in a life of inner peace, and happiness. After seeing the lives of thousands of her seminars attendees transformed, and years of people suggesting that she should write a book, Lillian decided that the time had come to put this information in printed form for all to read.

Lillian is the producer and host of the Follow Your Instincts radio talk show airing in Miami every Wednesday 11:00AM to noon on WAXY 790 AM. The talk show's format is educational, motivational and inspirational to assist listener to understand, connect with and ultimately follow their instincts - based on the information of this book. In addition, she is a motivational speaker, presenting lectures and workshops on the subject matter Lillian also devoted time to personal a coaching and consultation.

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