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Tina Louise Ogden 

Ms. Ogden embraces challenges through-out her life by turning each into a new opportunity. -

With an undergraduate degree in engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School, she has pursued a career in technology and business.  She is the founder of The Ogden Group, and Utility Capital two professional service firms, one provides business growth management consulting services and the other facilitates private equity investments in utilities. 

Active professionally and within the community, Ms. Ogden has served on several non-profit Boards and at this time sits on two Academic Advisory Boards for Cornell University and on the Board of Trustees for a Music Conservatory in Westchester.  

With a background in technology and finance, Ms. Ogden has often blazed trails in her professional career.  Her reward for success is giving back.  Ms. Ogden has made over 25 career presentations to women and minorities to inform them about career choices and opportunities, particularly in science, math, and business. 


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