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The Woman's Connection® continues to provide resources for women.  We invite you to submit a biographical description (in 125 characters or less) of yourself to share, helping women achieve authentic power on a personal or professional level. To help women who do not have access to a computer partake in this "connecting" opportunity, have them send the information directly to us. (As part of this opportunity you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter.)  Meanwhile, watch my interviews with some of these wonderful women!




Still or Video*

Barrie-Louise Switzen
Executive Producer/ Moderator 
Television program about events shaping women's lives and helping one gain authentic power on a personal or professional level.  I'm being interviewed by Dane Keller Rutledge on how I started this:

How to purchase property in New York:
Barrie-Louise Switzen
Eva Maliarakis 
 Oasis Computer Graphics
Web designing firm who designed The Woman's Connection® logo. Eva Maliarakis
Stephanie Ackler, CFA
Managing Director - Investments
Ackler Wealth Management 
*Unmarried Couples Should Consider Living-Together Documents
*Older Women MUST Prepare Better For Retirement Years
*Don't Overlook These Lessor-Known Features for Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Divorce: what you need to know before getting married as well as after:
Sylvia Allen
Teacher, Author 
12 Steps to Sponsorship Success
10th Anniversary Show Sports marketing
Selling Sponsorship:
Randi Althschul
As an inventor we follow-up on her disposable phone, the book she is in the middle of writing and what is next.

Elizabeth Applegate Staying fit using balls to do your exercises:  
Liv Arensen
What it took to Cross the Antarctica
Roseann Aratoon Communicating with Animals

Dale Atkins Ph.D.
What You Need To Know About Your Parents
Laughing Through The Apocalypse 
Book: I'm OK, You're My Parents: How To Overcome Guilt, Let Go of Anger and Create a Relationship That Works


Rose Auslander
Copyright & Patent Attorney
10th Anniversary Show

Intellectual Property Rights: what you need to know to protect your ideas
Linda Babcock
Professor at Carnegie Mellon
Women Don Ask:
Ann Bancroft What it took to Cross the Antarctica: htt

T. J. Banks
Finding your Own Voice

Book: Souleiado
Gloria G.Barsamian
Book: Sustenance and Hope for Caregivers of Elderly Parents: The Bread of Angels (The Praeger Series on Contemporary Health and Living)
What is involved and how to save yourself:
Sarah Beatty
Founder & Entrepreneur
How and What prompted her to start "Green Depot"

Ruth Beckford
Dancer, Author
How she reinvented herself after being a dancer
Anne Belec
President & CEO 
Volvo Cars of North America

Discussing her rise in the corporate world and mistakes women make along the way rising to become President of Volvo USA:

Nadine Bell
Social Worker & Communication
How to Communicate
Surviving Meningitis


Margaret Benshoof-Holler
Author and freelance writer.

Invisible Veil
Author on Burning of the Marriage Hat
Book: Burning of the Marriage Hat, A Novel of High Plains Women 
Finding her daughter:
Margaret Benshoofholler
Jane Bernard
A published author, an adjunct professor and a speaker.
Fine Tuning The 6th Sense
Adriane Berg Living to 102 & Your Finances interview:
10th Anniversary Show:
Lynn Bicke International Business Woman:
Echo Bodine Spirits-Ghosts what you can do to get rid of the nasty ones:

D. L. Bolk
Park That Elephant
Support From Within
Book: When Heroes Fall
Mary Bryant
Living with a brother who was her inspiration
Doris Brell
In Memory 2005
First Woman Helicopter pilot in NY first shown in 1994:

Arline Bronzaft Noise in the city and how it effects your health---why noise matters:
Anita Bunkley Steppin' Out with Attitude: Sister, Sell You r Dream!
Debbie Burden Being a vintner in a man's world
Martha Burk
Chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations
Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About IT
Workplace Discrimination – Still Alive and Well
Book: Cult of Power
Winnie Burwell What you need to know in purchasing and drinking wine:
Roxane Butterfly
Professional Dancer
Business of being a Performer: Tap Dancing
Adrian Calabrese, PhD
Author, Lecturer and
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Heaven on Earth
Books:  Get everything you ever wanted in 6 easy steps
10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life
Interview: on How to get everything you wanted!
Fran Capo  
A stand-up comic, adventurist, lecturer, and freelance writer. Also holds the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest talking female.


Under Attack
Speaking Funny

Ten Tips on Using Humor Effectively in Your Presentations 
Book: It Happened in New York

Comedian and how she wound up in the Guinness Book of World records.
Lynn Helena Caporale
Author, Molecular Biologist
Darwin in the Genome

Book: Darwin in the Genome
As a scientist and the Genome book
Leslie Carrol
Actress, Author


British Dynasty:
Beth Chamberlain Going from a hi-powered soap star to unemployment and back:
Dr Philippa Cheetham Urolgoist speaks on how to stay healthy including why she choice this as a profession:
Jacqueline Cholmondeley What it is like to be a chef in a restaurant:
Chin Ning Chu A new disease "I can't take it any more" Do less and Accomplish More, Fear, Rainmaker, surviving, when don't have fear helps you to survive:
Elizabeth Chubbuck From an advertising executive with a passion of cheese she made a major career change and now is a cheese monger:
Terry Civello Medicare & Medicaid
Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. 
Professional astrologer and author 
Career: cross reference to Vocational Astrology
Use Astrology to Change Your Life for the Better!
Books: Mapping Your Birth Chart
Carrie Coghill
Certified Financial Planner 
Book: The Newlyweds' Guide to Investing & Personal Finance
Dr. Lillie M. Coley
Motivational/Inspirational/Founder Community Empowerment Outreach
Lessons For Living
Dr.Serafina Corsello How she became a doctor concentrating on the Holistic side of medicine and getting our bodies back in shape(In Memory-2-20-2009)
Jan Daley
Her life and experiences as an entertainer performing with Bob Hope. How she conceived a baby when all odds were against her:

Phoebe Damroch
Behind the Scenes in Restaurants:
Joyce David
Criminal Attorney
10th Anniversary Show:
Criminal Law

Rona Davis
Job Strategies: on ramp off ramp  
Dr. Carolyn Dean
Holistic Medicine Practioner
Processed foods, Whole Foods, staying healthy in what you are eating, we lack minerals in our diet, how to select vitamins books

IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), what causes it and what can be done about it and other holistic remedy's:

The Role Magnesium plays in our diet is vital.

Eleanora de Lennart Biochemical Machine II to regain your health and stay healthy via eating in a certain manner, especially if you are a diabitic:
Glaydis Dobelle Meeting Men

Hana Dolgin  
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Jazz and Gestalt: 
The Art of Being In The Moment
Moving Toward Your Fulfillment With Gestalt Therapy
Who Can Benefit from Gestalt Therapy?
Kim Dramer
Business Etiquette in China:
Carol Drinkwater
Actress, Author, Olive Farmer
Book: The Olive Season
        Actress who lives on two continents and has an olive grove.
Karen Adler
Judith Fertig
Author and teachers
10 Tips and Techniques for Great Grilled Fish and Shellfish, Every Time 
Recipe: Thai-Style Stir-Grilled Catfish in Lemongrass Marinade
Book: Fish & Shellfish Grilled & Smoked
Bio: Karen Adler
Bio: Judith Fertig
Gina Eilers
Great American Express, Inc.
9022 S. 538th Ave.
Tonopah, AZ. 85354
Women make great business owners. The knowledge they lack is what I have spent 30 years attaining. LOGISTICS.

Ebay, the Net, etc. have made entreprenuers out of a great many women. Shipping, warehousing, vendor deliveries, and product quality upon delivery befuddle women. I can help. I own a refrigerated trucking company, which only ships on an LTL (less than truckload) basis. I have contacts and ideas which benefit small and large shippers.

Elin Lake Ewald Art Loss Register: Stolen & Damaged Works of Art: how to recover them:
Patricia Ferrari
Divorce Attorney
Divorce: what you need to know before getting married as well as after

Erin Flynn
Flynn Media
 A New York-based communications firm offering writing, editing and publicity services. 

Sales Tips:
Beating Quota
Inactive Leads 
Bringing In Management

Networking for New Opportunities
Doris Zames Fleischer, Ph.D.
ember of the Humanities and
Social Sciences Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology 
The Disability Rights Movement:
from charity to confrontation

Her role in the "American Disability Act"
Lee Floesheirmer
Career Change to Financial
10th Anniversary Show Change of career in her 60's to finance

Hope Fox
Cook book author
How she came up with the recipes for: Impress for Less:
Wendy Gaynor
Starting a business and all the trials that go along with it.
  Ann Louise Gittleman Health & Beauty:  
Debbie Gisonni 
Inspiring Media & Wisdom
Choose Acceptance
Choose Optimism
: Vita's Will
Marion E. Gold
Is It "Hasta la Vista" for women film-makers?
A personal journey of grief, recovery and remembrance.
How Much do You Know About Women's History?

Equal Pay Day
War of the Sexes

Personal Publicity Factor
Top Cops: Personal Message
Women and Girls Are Losing the Tobacco War
Women Who Reach Beyond the Stars

Top Cops: Profiles of Women in Command
 Publicity planning and how to market ourselves for the greatest benefit
Marion Gold
Dr. Nieca Goldberg A cardiologist and a nationally recognized pioneer in women's heart health, formerly the Chief of Women's Cardiac Care at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City:
Alexandra Guarnaschelli How and why she became a Chef:
Masha Hamilton
For 10 years Hamilton worked as a foreign correspondent - for the Associated Press in the Middle east and for the Los Angeles Times in Russia. Most recently, she reported from Afghanistan.
Fear in Kandahar

Book: The Distance Between Us

Pamela Hare & Sue Lawless
The National Shakespeare Conservatory:
Nina L Haufman
Business Attorney
What you need to know to start a business:
Anne Heller Bigoraphy on "Ayn Rand and the World She Made":
Mari Lynn Henry
Actress, Coach and Author
Power of Color
Book: How To Be A Working Actor
Roxana Hewertson Business Advice

Dahpine Hillman Her passion as a harpist and playing in the subway:
Florence M. Horn Learning to Dowse using many different modalities, a spiritual healer, shares with us a meditation/affirmation.  Watch here:
Fiona Horne Former lead singer of the popular Australian techno/rock group DEF FX, model, actress, Wiccan

Book: Witch: A Magickal Journey

Sharing with us some Wiccan information and spells:

Dr. Christine Horner
Physician/Activist and


Dramatically Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer
Book: Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner's Program to Protect Against & Fight Breast Cancer


Janet Horvath
Musician and Author
Musician playing Safe: shares her experiences and secrets to staying fit while performing on her cello

Ruth Houston
Infidelity Expert
Are You Dating a Potential Cheater?
Men and Women Cheat For Entirely Different Reasons
How Wives with Cheating Husbands Can Gain the Upper Hand
10 Things You Didn't Know About Signs of Infidelity
Book: He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs
Yao-Hui Huang
Starting a business and how she changed careers to start The Hatchery .
Dr. Julia Tatum Hunter In the operating room she would always ask WHY did this happen. Dr. Hunter changed medical fields to find the answer and in doing so she corrects the potential problem.


Carleen Hutchins Created the Violin Octet (Died August 2009) . Discussing the history and ways she went about creating the various instruments.|
Joanna Infeld The Number SEVEN:
Elysia Ives Addictions and how it changed her life:
Maggie Jackson
Journalist & Author


Book: What's Happening to Home? Balancing Work, Life
and Refuge in the Information Age
Work home balance:
10th Anniversary Show:
Sandy (AJ) Johnson Breast Cancer survivor and Harley Davidson Bikers.
Jacklyn Johnston
Energy Healer
The healing process:
Francis Cole Jones Putting the WOW in everything you do to stand out.
BooK; The WOW Factor

Rusty Kanakogi
In Memory
How she became involved and got Judo into the Olympic's for women.
Sharon "Alex" Kava
Perhaps, It’s All In A Name
Book: A Perfect Evil
Andrea Kay Interview discussing:  Moving on Careerwise watch here:
Caress Kennedy Sexual Harrassment;
Kristie Kilgore
Be Safe. Have fun, live life but keep Your Eyes Wide Open!
Creating A Personal Protection Plan
Book: Eyes Wide Open ... Bodyguard Strategies for Self-protection

Anna J. Kisluk Art Loss Register: Stolen & Damaged Works of Art: how to recover them:

Peggy Klaus
Communication and 
Leadership Coach
Six Tips To Insure You're Introduced With Impact
Book: Brag! the Art of Tooting Your Horn Without Blowing IT

Power words:
Hilka Klinkenberg International Protocol
Protocol in Business
Gail Koff
In Memory
Sexual harassment in college and the work place


Patty Kreamer, President 
Kreamer Connect, Inc.
A professional organizing firm.  
Confronting the Emotional Side of Simplicity
Book: The Power of Simplicity
Carol Bell Knight Her psychic experiences and how you can benefit.9-3-96
Maribeth Kuzmeski
Author and Marketing Consultant 
Give'em Something To Talk About
Book: Red Zone Marketing
JoAnn M. Laing
HSAs Make $ense
You and your  Health Savings Account:

Barbara Lane Re-enactor of events in history:
Sara Lascheverr
Women Don't Ask
Sharon Lechter
CPA Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Educator, International Speaker, other half of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series.
Book:  Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success
How she achieved various successful career changes:
Dr. Roberta Lee 50 Most Common Signs of Stress
--SuperStress Busting:
Take her test!
Speaks on Stress and how it effect you:
Sandra Lee
and lifestyle expert 
Cherry Lollipops
Frozen English Toffee Cake
Mini Pumpkin Spice Cakes with Orange Glaze
Peanut Butter Mini Mud Pies
Pecan Caramel Cheesecake
: Semi-Homemade Deserts
Jennifer LB Leese 
Indulge Your Self! 20 Fantastic Ways To feel Fantastic
Mildred Leet
In Memory
How she started United Cerebral Palsy and Trickle Up
Mrs. Dongwoo Lee Hahm Comfort Women During WW II-How Korean women were put into slavery/prostitution:
Joan Lefkowitz
Marketing New Products
Getting Your Idea To Market

Dr. Shari Lieberman
Nutrition Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Author


Reducing Skin Aging-How to Get The Wrinkles Out!
Books: Dare To Lose
The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book
Get off the Menopause Roller Coaster
How Vitamins are important to our health:
Anna Lieber
Brand Marketing
Powerful Brand Leadership
12 Web Site Errors
What Is A Brand?
Are You A Commodity Or A Brand?
Design The Ultimate Brand Booster
Ideal Client Profile
Marketing vs.Sales
Marketing: Buzz Your Way to Success
10 marketing Mistakes Are You Guilty?
Our 10th Anniversary Show:
Dr. Pat Love Relationships:
Paula Lucas
International Domestic Abuse:

Marie Lugano
Founder: American Menopause Foundation
Menopause in the early years and why she started a foundation
Debbie Macomber NY Times Best Selling Romance Novelist discussing the trials of getting started:
Dr Shirley Madhere Plastic Surgeon Getting and staying healthy. What plastic surgery can and cannot do for you.
Sherrie Madia
Social Media: what and how to use it to your best advantage
Rachel Madorsky M.S., C.N
Author, Healer
Amulets and Talismans
To Love Yourself is to Love Your Soul.
Magic Diet
The Natural Way of Healing 
The Spirit of Light! The Spirit of Wisdom!
Book: Create Your Own Destiny
Reeva Mager
Case Worker, Grant Writer
Dorot: Senior Environment---Homeless Shelter for Seniors, What to be aware of as a Care Giver:
Debbie E. Mandel 
Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, a stress-reduction specialist, a personal trainer and a mind/body lecturer at Brooklyn College. She is the creator of the K.I.N.D Program (Kids In Need of De-stressing) 
Can Caretakers Take Care of Themselves?
How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep
How To Recognize and Shed Toxic Friends
Turn Back the Clock by Turning on Your Inner Light
Book: Turn On Your Inner Light

At our 10th Anniversary:
Jacqueline Marcell
Author, publisher and national speaker on care giving
Listen to my interview on Jacqueline Marcell's "Coping with Caregiving" program on December 7, 2002 click here
How to Survive Caring for a "Challenging" Elder and Recognize the Early Signs of Dementia
Book: Elder Rage or, Take My Father... Please!...
Jacquline Marcell
Betty Marks Literary agent, ballroom dancer and bear dresser:
Dr. Saralyn Mark Medical/Scientific Results of NASA exploration and how it effects your health:
Carrie Coghill Martin Empowering you through your Finances:
June Marshall
Lecturer, writer, singer, author
and song writer
Dating for Grownups
Seven Types of Men to Avoid if You Are Looking for a Mate
The Dirty Seven
Men and the different personalities and how they can effect you and your relationships.
Catherine Mazor One womans odyssey and nightmare of being in a cult and how she escaped:

Ann McManus What it is like to be a chef in a restaurant:

Dr. Loretta Mears Herbs and good Health:
Carbs and how they effect your health: Nutrition:
Nell Merlino
Founder: Count-Me-In


Tips to grow your business to the next level, what is holding you back, what you need to know and how great is your name of the company.  If you are a veteran how to expand.

Watch here:

She also highly recommends: How Hot Is Your Product? 

Linda G. Mills Abuse and its many incarnations and how it effects you in the short and long term
Book: Insult to Injury: Rethinking our Responses to Intimate Abuse Insult to Injury
Linda speaks first hand about Abuse:

Linda Miles Ph.D.
A marriage and family therapist.
8 Keys To Lasting Love
Dreams and Relationships

Consciousness In a Relationship

Notes On Fairytales: The Frosting Not The Cake
Book: The New Marriage: Transcending the Happily-Ever-After Myth
"The New Marriage"
Adrian Miller 
Adrian Miller Direct Marketing
Sales Training & Consulting Firm 
Demystifying Prospecting
Teaching Your Customer Reps The Art of Listening
B.J. Mitchell, Ph.D.
We Must Stop the Cycle of Violence

Lillian Monterrey
Motivational Speaker and Author
Instincts - The Answers to a Better Life
Book: Follow Your Instincts
Victoria Moran Leading a Charmed life
Barbara M. Morris
Retail pharmacist and author
Is the Earth Flat?
Your Choice: Aging Boomer or Ageless Bloomer

Leave Mama's Junk Alone

Book: Putting Old on Hold
Cynthia Knorr-Mulder  
Complementary Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Northern New Jersey
Stress Management
Sacred Journey Inner Beauty

The Gentle Wind Project and how to increase your vibrations for a better life.
Miriam Muley
Diversity Marketing:

Judymay Murphy
Super Coach, Speaker, Author
Super Coach on getting your life going:
International renowned coach, speaker and author. Who believes in living your dream and nothing can stop you:

Vita Nelson
Best way to build an estate through the DRIP process
Marion Nestle
Professor on Nutrition
Politics of Food:

Andrea Nierenberg Presentation Skills:

Networking & getting ahead in both the business world & personal:

Tina Louise Ogden
Managing Director
Utility Capital LLC
Mini Transcript of show
Starting her career in Engineering mixing with Finances. Risk taking and why you need to take it to get rewards.
Judith Orloff, M.D 
Board certified psychiatrist and practicing intuitive, including clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA 
The Power of Intuition
Alice O'Rourke

The early years of the Internet and Funding:
New York New Media:

Connie Payon Life with Walter Payson the football hero.
Molly Peacock
Author, Poet
Discussing what one can accomplish in the later part of ones life:
Ellen Perlman Computers -1997-6-9
Charyn Pfeuffer 
Author & activist for Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Q & A
Book: Breast Cancer Q & A

Breast Cancer Awareness
Lois Phillips, Ph.D.
Founding Executive Director of a successful branch of a national university. She produced and moderated two cable television programs about the impact of women’s changing roles and she coaches executives and politicians.
The Good News about Being a Woman Speaker: How So-Called “Feminine Traits” Translate into Speaker Strengths

Book: Women Seen and Heard
Dr Caroline Jane Picart Coming to America, her political activities and her dancing.
Joanna Pruess
Teacher, Cook Book Author
Creating recipes and cooking with Tea:
Susan Quilliam
She updated the book "Joy of Sex"

Jane Bryant Quinn
Financial Journalist
Finances and you:
Edie Raether, M.S.,CSP International speaker, performance coach, and author on innovative/solution thinking, optimal performance and intuitive intelligence - the other IQ. 
Unleash Your PowerZone: Intuitive Intelligence - The Other IQ
Book: Why Cats Don't Bark
Dr. Audrey Reed 
Savings Is Leverage
Book: Money ToolBox for Women
Your Finances:

Eleanor Reid White (E.R. Reid)
Motivational Speaker and Author
Parenting After Divorce: How To Thrive
Georgia Raimondi Gardening and what is the best way to garden in small spaces

Georgia Raimondi-Passonate Gardner book

Gardening and what is the best way to garden in small spaces book

Christine Regan
Desert Storm Veteran
What it was like to be in the military:

Hana Sara Reigler
Holocaust survivor
10th Anniversary Show


Rosalind Resnick
President and CEO of 
Axxess Business Centers
$1,000 to an IPO: One Woman's Entrepreneurial Journey
Leslie Revsin
(In memory)
What it is like to be a chef in a restaurant:
Pamela Rich
Health & Spirituality, training w/Deepak Chopra

Nora Roberts
New York Times Best Selling Author
What prompted her to create two persona's writing under two different names:
Michelle King Robson
How a needless operation changed her life. Taking charge after finding out what was medically wrong and what she did about it:

M. J. Rose
Giving up on Giving Up
I Lost Hope
While trying to get an agent wound up making history:

M.J. Rose
Jennifer Rosen
Author & An advanced Sommelier with the International Wine Guild
Appellation Spring
Have Some
Ice, Ice Baby
Robyn "Priti" Ross
Yoga Instructor
Yoga Breathing
Yoga Exercises:
Michelle Roth
Designer of Wedding Gowns
Bio: From the Ashes of Europe to the Wedding Aisles of New York City
Meryl Runion 
President and CEO of Power Potentials
Power Phrases for Women
Book: PowerPhrases!
Anne Sawyer
Actress, lecturer, writer
Vocabulary and It's Importance
Dr. Karen Schwartz Menopause
Barbara Schwarz Staging to sell your Home. How she created the concept  why it is so important:

Francine Segan
Noted food historian, psychologist, and cooking enthusiast.
Recipe: Pears in Broth
Renaissance Garden
Book: Shakespeare's Kitchen
Aliza Sherman
Web Entrepreneur


Starting a web site back in 1997:

Mary Ellen Siegel
Finances Founder of Fiscal Plus
Working with entreprenural women

Mutual Funds

Reading WSJ & Finances
Nina Simonds
Cook Book Author
Cooking with Ginger
Harriett Skye
Television Producer
What life is like as a Native American:
Terri Sloane
matchmaker/dating coach 
Boomers & Dating
Maureen Solomon
How she cured her diabetes (First Program)

Marla Strab
Sports-Mountain Biking---challenges to this extreme sport
Laurel Stafford Growing up in a Multi-culture family in the 50's

Dayna Steele How she started her radio career meeting some of the world famous musicians:
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum Keeping your Heart healthy:
Carole Lynn Steiner Business woman who has a second profession of being a health advocate on nutrition:

Janet Stevens
 Massage Therapist, with training in Myofascial Release and Reiki.
A Journey That Changed My Life
Carol Super Selling:
Gail Thackray Learn how you can heal yourself and what steps she took to learn this craft Books: Spiritual Journey's and/or 30 Days to Prosperity
Senator Sandra Tiffany
A Second Chance At Life
The Senator became deathly ill and was given a second chance at life.

Sherry Torkos


Urinary Track infections and how to protect yourself and other helpful tips:
Kathryn Troutman How to write a resume for a corporate job or for the FEDERAL government.
Book: Vets Federal Resume
Tips and Tricks for a Veteran to help ace getting the interview:

Julia Valentine
Seniors & Retirement
Book: Joy Compass
Lisa Vander
Real Estate Agent and Author
The Real Guide to Making Millions Through Real Estate: Start Your Portfolio With as Little as $3000
Angelina Voss Breast Cancer Survivor
Sheila Warnock Share the Care: being a care giver and what you need to know to stay sane:
Susan S. Weed
Sexual & Reproductive Health
Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
Three Traditions of Health
Grace W. Weinstein



Start Now to Cut Next Year's Tax Bill
: The Procrastinator's Guide to Taxes Made Easy
Wendy Weiss
Sales Trainer, Author 
and Sales Coach. 
Empowers people to achieve there highest sales goals in their own unique style. Try a free introductory coaching session.
Leaving Messages
Call-Killing Phrases
Warm Calling vs. Cold Calling Rant

Powerful, Persuasive and Motivating Language
Twisted Thinking
Boss Mode or Getting Past the Palace Guard
Power Words
Language for Appointment Setting
Prospecting Success
Summertime Blues
Use Testimonials to Market Yourself
Sales Tips I Learned from my Cat
Perception Is Reality
'Tis The Season
Abducted by Aliens
Are You Getting In Your Own Way?
The Wasted  Unproductive Follow Up Call
Building Relationships
The Question: To Confirm or Not To Confirm
80% of Success is Showing Up Why Are We All So Afraid?
Stuff We Make Up About Our Prospects
Stuff We Make Up About Our Prospects
Who Should I Call?
Sales Letter - Yes? or No?
Asking The Right Questions
Another Warm Lead Telephone Etiquette Sounds Right
: Following Up
Warm Calls vs. Cold
Do Your Words Betray You?
Qualifying Your Prospect
Talking to a Prospect is like talking to a Friend

of Cold Calling
Five Ways to Name Your Prospect
Book: Cold Calling for Women
Lis Wiehl
Lawyer turned Newscaster
How and why she changed careers:
Anne C. Williams 10th Anniversary:

Dowsing for Energy, making your life better usin a very simple tool known as the pendulum:

Learning to Dowse-what is involved:


Mary Alice Williams
HERStory about women's health
Lorena Williamson
What it is like to be a chef in a resturant:
Shere Wright Winning a Native American contest and how she designed her costume.

Nelly Yusupova
Building a Web Site:
Frieda Zames, Ph.D., 
Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at New
Jersey Institute of Technology. A
disability rights activist for
over twenty-five years.
The Disability Rights Movement:
from charity to confrontation
Book: The Disability Rights Movement...from Charity to Confrontation
Her role in the "American Disability Act"
Liz Zelvin
Therapist on addiction: now an on-line therapist.

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