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The stories you are about to hear are meant to inspire or assist you in your daily life in business or on a personal level. Your feedback is important to us in letting us know what is of importance to you. To join our newsletter and be notified of new programs sign in here.

Our programs are live in New York City while streaming simultaneously on the internet.  For our schedule.

CREW-Commercial Real Estate Women
Three High profile women discuss working in real estate,
         Joan  Gerner:
     Breaking barriers, Project Manager for the new Women's Memorial Museum
Wendy Rowden, Esq.:
President of CREW, Focused career, mentors, goals and a juggling act.
         Kate Coburn:
First woman elected to be Chairman of Young Men's Real Estate

One woman's odyssey in a cult and her unusual release.

Lost or Stolen Property
Art Loss Register
        Anna Kisluck, Executive Director of New York office.
        Maintains Data Base of stolen works of art.

    Elin Lake Ewald, ASA, President, O'Toole-Ewald Art Associates, Inc.
        Specialists in damage/loss, fraud report/litigation support, expert testimony 

    Catherine A. Begley, FBI Special Agent

Dr. Loretta Mears
Chiropractor, certified Clinical Nutritionist, and herbalist specializing in 
holistic health care and women's issues.
Her road to becoming a doctor and how to maintain good health.

Andrea Nierenberg
Founder, Nierenberg Group, Business Consultant 
Motivation: Consider ourselves a product.

Dr. Karen F. Schwartz
How she became a doctor and menopause.   
Heart disease the number one killer in women.

Laurel Straford
Business Woman
Addressing issues confronting her while growing up in a multi-cultural environment during the 50's. It is this diversity that enabled her to succeed in crossing racial barriers.


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