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"Bra Checklist for a Superb Fit"

Does that new bra fit? Get it right every time with these handy guidelines. 

Do the cups fit smoothly? If the cup is not filled out, you may need a smaller size. If there is overflow at the top or at the underarms, you may want to try a larger cup size or a fuller shape bra for more coverage. 
Does the center seam lie against the breastbone, without gaps between cups? Do the breasts seem pushed out to the sides or toward the center? You may need to try a larger cup or different style. 
Is the bottom of the bra, front and back, straight or slightly lower in the back? The lower edge of the band should anchor below the shoulder blades. The lower the back fits, the more support you get. 
Can you run your finger under the band in front? It should be snug, but not tight. If it's tight, you need a larger band size, or a looser hook placement. 
Does the back of bra ride up? This may indicate the cups are too small or the cups are pulled too high. Check the shoulder straps and adjust to a comfortable length, ensuring straps do not cut into the shoulders.

You've taken the measurements. You know your size. But things still aren't quite right. What next? Look here for the extra fit tips and style recommendations you need.

Q : Is there a right way to put on a bra?

A: Every time you put on a bra, you should: Slip the straps over your shoulder. Bend forward at the waist, and ease your breasts naturally into the cups. Adjust your breasts so the nipples are centered into the fullest point of the cup. The cup should completely contain the breast (with the exception of push-up styles). Hook the closure at the middle position. Stand upright. Adjust the straps so that breasts are at a comfortable and attractive height. Ensure back adjustment is snug without being too tight.

Q : The cups of my bra wrinkle. Why don't they fit smoothly?

A: Cups should completely contain each breast. Bulges at the top or sides or the cup? The cup is too small. Wrinkles in the cup? The bra is too large.

Q : I have a difficult time getting the right size because one of my breasts is larger than the other. Any suggestions?

A: All women have one breast that is larger than the other. Sometimes the difference is noticeable, most often it isn't. If the difference is significant, try a bra with stretch fabric in the cup or a bra with fiberfill. Also, you can adjust the strap so the larger breast is looser than the smaller breast strap. Always fit the cup size to the fuller breast first.

Q : My bra is very uncomfortable, cutting and binding when I move. Is it the wrong size?

A: Maybe. Hook the back closure less tightly or try the next larger band size. Also, if your bra has narrow sides, it may be the wrong style for you. Try a bra with wider sides.

Q : I bulge over the top and sides of my bra. What's the solution?

A: First check to make sure you are in the right size. Either have a measurement taken or check the size or your bra. You may need a larger cup size. Or maybe you actually need a bra for fuller shapes in the size you are currently wearing.

Q : My bra rides up in the back. What's wrong?

A: Try hooking your bra more snugly or loosening the straps. If neither works, the band size may be too large, so try the next smaller size.

Q : My straps keep falling off my shoulders. What should I do?

A: The cups may be too big. Since you're not filling out the top of the cup, your straps slide down your shoulder. Try a smaller cup size; if that doesn't help, our No Slip Strap styles may be the answer. Available on styles 3362,3001, or 3003,the No Slip Straps are set in closer together in the back to hold straps in place comfortably.

Q : I've just noticed these stretch marks running up and down my bust. What's going on?

A: Those stretch marks can be caused by not wearing a bra or wearing one with loose support. The bust tissue is breaking down and the bust is dangling - hence, the stretch marks. The remedy is to wear a well constructed, supportive bra. And note that even a smaller bust can get stretch marks if the right bra isn't worn.

Q : Underwire bras can be so uncomfortable - poking on the sides and pressuring my rib cage. What can I do?

A: Make sure you're wearing the right size and support level for your figure. Our Interactive Fit Guide will help you identify your unique needs. A cup size that is too small places the end of the underwire right on the tender breast tissue, so you may need a larger cup size. Some full-breasted women experience poking on the sides, even when wearing the correct size.

Q : Soft cup styles don't give me the support I need, but I don't like underwires. What's the solution?

A: Bali has designed the Soft Embrace collection for women who prefer soft cup styles and need full support. Soft Embrace styles 3001 and 3003 have a special Power Stretch frame that gives all the lift and shape of an underwire.

Karen Ratts, Marketing Manager, Bali Brand

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